Statpacks Vial Strand 4 Pack, Black



Vial Strand 4 Pack for EMS medication bags are an ingenious way to securely hold drug vials while keeping them quickly identifiable and easily retrievable. Military spec Velcro®™ hook on back attaches to any compartment with Velcro®™ loop, this is a standard feature on the many of our G1 and G2 Packs, Modules and Cells. Each strand may hold 5 vials of various sizes and fits in most EMS medication bags. Each vial can be placed under one of the 5 elastic straps on each Vial Strand, each strap has a bright yellow tab which allows for easy stretching of the elastic strap when adding or removing a medicine vial. While vials are attached they are held in a clearly visible position which allows you to identify the medicine you need without having to remove any other vials.

Model Number: G25000BK

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