LSP Miller Full Body Splint



The Miller Full Body Splint  is a versatile spine immobilization board that comes complete with a full head and body harness. This unique harness system will allow a victim to be rotated onto his side for proper airway management or extrication without jeopardizing spinal position. An optional helmet harness allows this same critical immobilization of a helmeted victim.

  • Rigid foam core provides both strength and buoyancy for water rescue immobilization
  • Board will float 250 pounds in fresh water and 300 pounds in salt water
  • Strapping system allows the rescuer to immobilize and restrain combative patients
  • Split-leg design allows for easy independent leg traction, accessibility, and compatibility with the stokes basket litter
  • Shoulder strap design prevents both lateral and horizontal movement of the patient during extrication and transportation


  • Color: Yellow
  • Length: 65.75”
  • Width: 14”
  • Depth: 3.25”
  • at fullest point.

  • Resistant to gasoline and other chemicals.
  • Cleans with soap and water.

Model Number: L700

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