Ever Ready First Aid Bandage Rolls - 3" x 5 yd




  • STRONG & SELF-ADHESIVE - Ever Ready First Aid bandages are designed to offer excellent support. These bandages will not slip, meaning you won't have to frequently readjust them. The self-adhesive bandages will stay in place even when we tor sweaty.
  • NO CLIPS OR PINS NEEDED - The self-adhesive design allows the bandages to be applied without the use of any clips or pins to stay in place.
  • STRETCHY & COMFORTABLE - The durable elastic material allows the bandages to be applied to virtually any body part quickly and easily. The fabric can easily be torn by hand, no shears or scissors are required.
  • SOFT, BREATHABLE MATERIAL - The porous, lightweight material allows the injured area to breathe, which facilitates healing and recovery.

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