Easy Glide 1ml 1cc Sterile Syringe Luer Lock Tip, No Needle - 100/pack



Easy GlideEasy Glide Syringes are designed to deliver a comfortable, easy experience when administering medication or liquids. These syringes have a clear, easy-to-read barrel to ensure precise measurements with a smooth and effortless plunger. The tip is small enough to fit into the mouths of babies, small children, and pets.  

Our syringes are latex-free, pyrogen-free, and BPA-free, making it perfectly safe for your loved ones. Each syringe is manufactured to ensure quality and consistency in a sterile and clean environment.  

Highlights :
  • Luer Lock Technology 
  • Non-Toxic and Sterile 
  • Versatile Use 
  • Durable and Precise 
  • Smooth Plunger 
  • Easy To Read Measurements 

Model Number: 1202543

Extra Information

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