Eclipse Syringe w/ Hypodermic Needle, Regular Wall - 50/box



BD Eclipse Syringe / Needle Combination single-handed, detachable needle injection device is beveled oriented to the safety cover to facilitate low-angle injections. Luer-Lok hub. Bold graduations on syringe barrel.

The BD Eclipse needle is a pivoting-shield needle for efficient safety during activation. The needle is bevel oriented to the safety cover to facilitate low-angle injections.

Features and benefits

The BD Eclipse needle provides streamlined and effective injection safety.

  • Activation that requires virtually no change in clinical technique for easy integration.
  • Designed to specifically reduce the risk of accidental needle stick injuries.
  • Allows for shielding of the needle tip immediately after injection, with a single finger stroke.
  • Audible click confirms activation to support your safety.

BD Eclipse with SmartSlip Technology

  • Designed to ensure protection from needle stick injuries after injection
  • Same safety mechanism as the proven BD Eclipse blood collection needle
  • Unique SmartSlip technology helps to ensure a secure connection to Luer slip syringes
  • Bevel oriented to safety cover accommodates low angle injections
  • One technology for skin injection and blood collection
  • Requires minimal change in injection technique
  • The hub incorporates a plastic clip to encourage user to attach needle more securely to Luer slip syringe
  • Wide textured finger pad provides safe activation area for thumb or forefinger
  • Integral safety cover and extended sidewall to enhance protection
  • Needle remains locked inside activated needle cover
  • Activates with a touch of a finger - no hard surface required for activation
  • Color coded hub for easy needle size identification

Model Number: 305781, 305783, 305785, 305786, 305787, 305788